Ansiauto set him yn foar it leverjen fan high-end macht ark oan 'e wrâld.
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Dual Action Polisher

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  • wireless polisher

    Dual Action Polisher, Polisher

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    • Spesifikaasjes

    Ansiauto set him yn foar it leverjen fan high-end macht ark oan 'e wrâld.
    Polisher Doel: used for polishing and waxing the surface of the car’s body, making the surface of the car’s body look smooth and bright, no trace, to achieve the new effect.

    Polishing machine working principle: through the motor to drive the head rotation, the head is equipped with a throwing disc. The throwing disc has a sticky buckle, in the sticky buckle on the sponge of different materials, coated on the liquid polish agent, and then the sponge press on the surface of the car body, by rotating friction, remove the dirt attached to the surface of the car. Waxing is to apply bright polishing wax on the surface of the car. By rotating the sponge on the nose, the polishing wax is evenly attached to the surface of the car’s body, so that the paint surface of the car can be protected and the car looks brighter.
    Polishing machine features:
    1. Compact body, simple and convenient to use, can do details polishing, professional tools.
    2. The balance is very good in the process of use, without shaking and deviation.
    3. Bias will not leave lines on the body, so that the body can return to its original appearance.
    4. There are 6 speed regulating functions, which can change the speed according to different requirements.
    5. The body is equipped with a circulating heat dissipation function, which is safe to use.

    Backing plate
    5 inch/125mm
    Gjin lading snelheid
    1 year
    Orbit Size
    2 battery, 1 Charger,1Wrench
    51*48*31cm, 6 inner/ctn

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