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Do you choose dual action polisher or rotary polisher?


There are two types of polisher, namely rotary polisher and DA polisher

What is Rotary polisher?

His name is Rotary, or RO polisher for short. It is also called Rotary polisher. We are more accustomed to calling it Rotary polisher. For other names, it’s just that everyone calls it differently.

This machine will only force the polishing machine to rotate in one direction, rotating clockwise. And the function of this machine: It can remove deep scratches, that is to say, it can remove 600-800 mesh sandpaper prints, and it can also remove 1500-2000 mesh sandpaper prints. It is a necessary polishing equipment for every automobile art technician.

Advantages of RO polisher: high efficiency, very fast removal of scratches, necessary equipment for every car beauty technician.

Disadvantages of RO polisher: low safety, rapid temperature rise, and glare after polishing. In the construction process, especially the corners and corners, it is easy to be thrown through if you are careless. Even if you are an “veteran driver” who has been in the automobile and beauty industry for 10 or 20 years, you may lose your mind, even if your polishing level has reached the level of perfection. There will also be more or less glare. If your technique is not good, more glare will be produced after polishing, which will turn the car into a “rainbow car”. I believe that many technicians will read this, and they will think: just cover it up with car wax. I tell you, you are not a qualified car beauty!
What is DA polisher?

His name is Dual actions, or DA machine for short. Some people call it Dual action polisher and vibration polisher. The name is just a code name. The name is different.

This machine rotates randomly, and the trajectory is an irregular ellipse.

This machine is divided into 15mm and 21mm, and there are other models, but these two models are the most popular models on the market.

In addition to the difference between the backplane and the eccentric block of 15mm and 21mm, both domestic and foreign have serious selection difficulties. Comprehensive tests basically confirm that the cutting capabilities of the two polishing machines are basically the same. In theory, 21mm has a larger cutting ability than 15mm. , But after the editor chooses to use 2000 grit sandpaper to test, it is concluded that 21mm is better than 15mm in both cutting ability and efficiency.

Advantages of Dual action polisher: high safety, no glare after polishing, and the surface temperature of the car paint after polishing is warm, not as hot as the surface of the car paint after the RO polisher machine polishing, even if you are a novice, you still have been riding for many years Old driver, choose dual action polisher is your must-have polishing artifact! And the mirror effect is better than the RO machine.

Disadvantages of Dual action polisher: low efficiency, the eccentric machine for deep scratches cannot be removed.

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