Ansiauto is committed to providing high-end power tools to the world.
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» Polisher

  • best polisher machine

    Polisher, Rotary Polisher

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    • Specifications

    As a high-quality power tool supplier in China, ANSIAUTO adheres to the concept of seiko and fine workmanship and excellencespecializing in the production of power tools for more than 14 years .

    The working principle of the polishing machine: the motor drives the head to rotate. The head is equipped with a polishing disk, and the polishing disk is equipped with a buckle. The buckle is glued with sponges of different materials, and liquid polishing agent is applied to it, and then the sponge is pressed on The surface of the car body is rotated and rubbed to remove the dirt attached to the surface of the car. Waxing is to apply bright polishing wax to the surface of the car, and the polishing wax is evenly attached to the surface of the car body through the rotation of the sponge of the machine head, so that the surface of the car paint is protected and the car looks brighter.

    Features:factory polisher machine

    1. Copper core motor, suitable for long life
    2. Six speed control, even polishing
    3. The product is light and easy to operate
    4. Large diameter polishing disc, using magic sticky disc, save time and labor, fine polishing disc, wax reduction
    5. Circulation ventilation, long use does not burn the machine
    6.Multi-purpose, polishing, waxing, sealing glaze

    Company Advantage

    1. Rich experience: The company was established in 2006, has its own factory, independent research and development of polishing machine for more than 10 years, has rich experience in the field of polishing machine, and has established long-term cooperation with leading enterprises in various regions of the world polishing machine.

    2. Exquisite technology: the factory is equipped with advanced automatic testing equipment and automatic assembly equipment, as well as professional testing personnel, only to create high-end polishing machine.

    3. Sound management system: strong marketing, design, research and development, production and sales team, to provide customers with the whole process services.

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