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  • OEM cordless car buffer

    コードレスポリッシャー, ポリッシャー ,

    The cordless variable speed polishing machine is one of the first wireless full size rotary polishing machine on the market. With power, パフォーマンス, テクノロジーによって達成される稼働時間, the tool provides wired performance that enables users to power through demanding applications. It is fully controlled by variable speed dial and trigger. It frees the user from additional work, 気晴らし, 塗装の損傷, and inconvenience caused by wiring. The device is equipped with a rubber-coated front shell to prevent the paint from being scratched during use and has a detachable dust cover to protect the motor and electronic equipment from wool fibers and residues. The polisher is designed to distribute more weight across the mat, providing natural pressure in the surface area. With a battery t included), ポリッシャーは、中程度から良好な塗装のために、1回の充電でフルサイズの車を完成させます

    • 仕様

    1)20V, 400W power motor, 6 speed dial adjust, speed range 1500-4500rpm
    2)デュアルアクション, 15mm軌道
    3)With 6inch/ 150mm size backing plate
    4)Body color: オレンジ (can make OEM color over 2000sets)
    5)Switch color: black
    6)Package: Color box
    7)付属品: 1 battery+1 charger, wrench, manual,
    1 6″ foam pad for model

    109 ポリッシャー J05109 polisher




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