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  • J06201 cordless waxer polisher

J06201 cordless waxer polisher

New electric cordless electric polishing machine portable car polishing machine adjustable speed waxing machine automatic waxing tool.
Portable and wireless car polisher, using anytime anywhere.One cordless polishing machine solves many problems. car waxer polisher is suitable for car polishing, waxing, cleaning and household cleaning, saving time, labor and worry.

Product Description


- Pure copper motor is durable.
- Portable and wireless, using anytime anywhere.
- Great for use with cars,boats,trucks and so on.
- User friendly designed handle for the convenient uses of waxing & polisher.

1. 3800r/min ± 200:High speed offers higher efficiency.

2. Cordless and electric:Cordless design makes it more convenient for waxing the whole car even without a power source.

3. Two levels of speed:Adjustable speeds meet different waxing needs.

4. 45 minutes of battery life:Up to 45 minutes of battery life allows you to wax the whole car at one go before running out of power.

5. Car home dual use:It can be used for waxing cars and floors at home , and more.

6. An eccentric rotating shaft:An oval track polishing disc helps avoid polishing one area too much and spread the wax paint evenly for smoother paint surface.


Name cordless polishing machine
Material Aluminum alloy+PC
Colour Black
Function Car waxing
Noise <75dB
Charging port Type-C interface
Input 5V/2A
Rated power 30W
Voltage 7.4V
Current 4A
Charging time 4~5 hours
Battery life 60+minutes
Battery capacity 4000mAh
Speed Two levels
Installation method Velcros